Oil seeds

Soya Beans: (Glycine Max)

We trade:

African origin soya beans.


Traded varieties are mostly golden yellow (brown, tan) but soya beans can also be green, brown or black.

Main growing countries:

Tanzania, Mozambique, Malawi, Ethiopia, Zambia ,Benin, Burkina Faso. The biggest exporters worldwide are Brazil, the US and Argentina.

Used for:

Numerous applications in food, feed and industrial applications. Most visible in Asian cuisine in soy sauce, tempeh, miso, tofu, soy milk. It is also used as cooking oil and sustainable fuel.


The plant originates in East Asia. It grows ideally in moderately warm, fertile, well drained sandy/loam soil. Soya is the most important bean crop in the world and an indispensable source of protein both for food and feed. Oil content is relatively low at 18%, soya beans a very rich in protein and low in starch. Soya offers a complete protein profile.