Chickpeas (Cicer arietinum)
Desi (or kala chana)

We trade:

Desi chickpeas


Thick rough light to dark brown skin coated seeds, size between 4-6 mm

Main growing countries:

India, Tanzania, Australia, Canada, Ethiopia, Myanmar.

Used for:

Sprouts, consumed whole, split in dal and flour.

Ingredients for:

Snacks & salad (whole roasted /split/besan – desi chick peas flour) , curries, dhal (chana dhal) , seeds and condiments (besan – desi chickpea flour).

Ingredient for:

Sprouts, stews, casseroles, tagines, snacks and salad.


Desi – (meaning ‘native’ in Hindi). Other names, Bengal gram, Yellow gram, Kala chana, Tyson.
There are recordings of chickpea cultivation in Turkey dating to 3500BC. India produces the most chickpeas worldwide, but they are grown worldwide in over 50 countries. Chickpeas are an excellent source of carbohydrate, protein, fiber, Vitamin B, and some minerals. India is the largest consumer of desi chickpeas in the world.